Simplicity Vacuums

Simplicity Vacuums understands that you need quick and easy access to the products that keep your vacuum in top operating condition and maintain a healthy home environment.

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SilentMaster MD

SilentMaster is the result of nearly fifty years of applied experience in the designed and manufacturing of centeral vacuum cleaning systems.

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Riccar Vacuums

Your home is an investment, and your oasis. That's why Riccar vacuums aren't just designed for your refined aesthetic - they're made in pursuit of perfection, a machine for world-class clean

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Our Vacuum service is really awesome and you are going to love it.

Kevin and Tammy bought the business in 2013. We changed our name to "Kevin's A-1 Vacuum" and location to 901 Oakland Rd NE in Cedar Rapids. Kevin has over 15 yrs experience in this Industry. Everyone has a vacuum but not everyone always wants to buy a new one. We specialize in repairs for all makes and models of vacuums. We also sell new vacuums assembled in the USA for home and commercial use. We also have a large selection of belts, bags, and filters in stock. "If we can't get it, You're in trouble!"

(Photo to the right is a picture of Kevin; owner; Cliff Jette/The Gazette )